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  • Free Network Device Monitor  v.1.0.1Our free Network Device Monitor shields the performance and availability of any network device from the forces of evil lurking on your network. In just seconds, you can quickly and easily start monitoring your favorite network device!
  • Network Device Analyzer  v.1.0Network Device Analyzer is different from the other network management applications, primarily concerned with configuration parsing and information of interface table extracting. It has a special, unique feature which can find neighbors information ...
  • Network Device Explorer  v.1.1Manage network devices (hubs, switches, routers, access servers, cross-connectors, physical line/DSL modems, Windows/Unix stations and any other SNMP-enabled devices in the corporate network) remotely from your PC. Network Device Explorer provides ...
  • SolarWinds Network Device Monitor  v. Network Device Monitor provides an extensive feature set designed to make it easy to monitor the real-time performance and health of a single device on your network with a cool desktop dashboard that sends up a bat signal when ...
  • Network Device Monitor  v.1.06Router Monitor provides a vigilant eye that keeps track of your routers and other important devices. A real time status update will help you pinpoint problem areas in your network.
  • NERDS - a Network Device Server  v.1.0A device server inteded for (but not limited to) use with 3D input devices (like dynasight, Polhemus FASTRAK, motionstar and the magellan spacemouse).Devices can be configured via a remote TCP connection.Device data is sent to registered clients via ...
  • DEKSI Network Monitor  v.9.52DEKSI Network Monitor is a powerful and feature rich network device monitor which will identify problems on your network and allow you to quickly fix them. Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 Compatible.
  • Jalasoft SNMP Device Simulator  v.2.8A handy network device simulator.
  • Free Network Config Generator  v.1.0.1Our free Network Config Generator helps you quickly and easily change interface descriptions and configure VLANs, switch port security, NetFlow, IP SLA, CBQoS, QoS, EnergyWise, and other advanced network device features.
  • Server Nanny Network Monitor  v.4.0.0Reduce downtime and be the first to know when a server or network device fails by using Server Nanny network and server monitoring software. The last time you had a network or server failure how long was it before the problem was discovered? Minutes?
  • 10-Strike Network Monitor  v.4.01This program is a network device status monitoring program. Monitor services, databases, computers, managed switches and UPS using the SNMP, WMI, TCP, ICMP, FTP, and other protocols. Be notified via SMS, email, screen message, or sound alarm.
  • ManageEngine DeviceExpert(Network Config  v.5.1ManageEngine DeviceExpert is a comprehensive Network Change and Configuration Management (NCCM) solution that enables the Network Administrator to efficiently and effortlessly manage the configurations of Network Devices. DeviceExpert offers ...
  • Network Notepad Cisco Auto Login Script  v.1.0Network Notepad integration with TCL scripting. Using this free tool as the script call frontend, this scripts allow you to call specific scripts with a right click button one a network device. Cisco devices only for now such as routers, pix/asa, FWSM.
  • My Network Docs  v.1.0Provides IT support staff with a cross platform uniform method to input and lookup data related to their clients' networks. It will store information regarding virtually any network device including usernames, passwords, serial numbers, etc.
  • SnmpWalk  v.1.01SNMP is a unified protocol of network monitoring and network device management.
  • Pivo Ping ComponentPivo.Ping allows you to effortless enable your applications to send Internet Control Message Protocol (Ping/ICMP) packets in .NET. Programmatically ping a remote server, host, route, or any network device to see if it is up.
  • IGet Mobile  v.2.0.1A personal server application that allows you to easily and securely access your Mac"s documents and files from your favorite mobile device. It works with any decently web-capable device (including Windows PCs), but has"naturally"been designed with a ...
  • IGet Mobile for Mac OS  v.2.0.1A personal server application that allows you to easily and securely access your Mac’s documents and files from your favorite mobile device. It works with any decently web-capable device (including Windows PCs), but ...
  • NetFlow Hosts  v.1This is a little program which will read listen for netflow packets from a network device and show the traffic stats based on ip address and source / destination of the traffic.
  • Marine Aquarium PPC  v.1.0We are pleased to bring your favorite Marine Aquarium to your favorite handheld device. Marine Aquarium for your Pocket PC is the perfect gift to yourself and bound to impress your friends. Marine Aquarium PPC is currently available for beta testing ...
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